About Me

My story is no different than any other young woman who grows up believing that they are meant for more than what a normal life can offer. I truly thought that I had more to give to the world, and wanted more than anything to connect with people. I recognized as I grew to know myself better, that I had the ability to read people and situations intuitively. I was able to adjust and mold to be who that person or situation needed in those moments.

My spiritual journey started when I faced hard times in my life emotionally, spiritually and financially. It felt like I was completely lost, broken and had no idea as to what I was going to do with my life. I was working a job I knew I needed to leave; and looking back now, I truly recognize it was not serving my soul or my life’s purpose.

I decided things had to change, and the only thing I had control of was myself; so that is where I started. I began to work on learning how to be alone, how to love myself, how to break negative thought cycles and how to take a step back and look at situations from other perspectives.

Before I started my spiritual journey, I found myself being persuaded and convinced by friends, partners and family members as to what was best for me. What music I should listen to, what clothing I should wear, what events I should attend; the list goes on. All this time control over my life was held by external sources, and I was allowing other people and situations to determine the direction of my life’s path.

Gaining perspective allowed me to create space for patience, love and understanding, and helped me diminish negative emotions such as hurt, anger and aggression. My inner work is what also guided me towards understanding what my soul truly loved and was passionate about. The journey never stops, and you should take the time to step back and evaluate the progress you are making within yourself. For me, this realization was truly.

Once I started to create a strong relationship with myself, I formed a strong understanding of what was best for me. I started doing things I loved and had a passion for. From there I began to create a life that was true to me. The work is never done, but I feel like I finally belong and hold a special place here on earth. I believe you hold this space too, and I am so excited to share in your journey to discovering that.

I am always eager to share my experiences of my time on earth, but even more excited to hear about experiences of others. We are all connected in ways we may never understand in our lifetime, but know that everything is meant to be. Every person has an important story to tell, and with that comes an important lesson that we can choose to learn as our own. I love listening, integrating and watching others grow and expand their inner self.

How I went from no direction to figuring out what life choices I needed to make to be successful and build a life with happiness in mind.