Your path to transformation


Discovery Session

My philosophy when it comes to personal coaching is to start with an understanding of what each client needs in their coach in order to build a strong foundation for communication. A unique aspect of a coaching relationship, is that the relationship is designed. You are able to determine how I can best serve as your coach, your ally and your champion. The foundation we build is based on how I can best work with you and your needs.

Have you ever felt stuck or lost in who you are or what you are doing? Feelings of being lost, stuck, unconfident, misaligned, exhausted, misunderstood, bored or confused, are all characteristic of the existence of situations or conflict in our lives that we are actively avoiding. If you don’t know exactly what you are looking for, we have the opportunity to create a space that can help you identify answers that you may already have within yourself. I can help you to reconnect with your authentic self – explore the things and experiences your spirit longs for that you may have forgotten or never had the chance to explore – and then from that, re-create your path.


Life or Business Coaching Session 

A successful person knows the importance of learning, challenging and evolving themselves. The most successful people I’ve encountered work with a personal coach to allow for transformation and ability to reach for more. They know deep down they possess the power to achieve anything and they need to arm themselves with the right tools to get there. As a personal coach I can help you set and achieve goals, plan strategically, assist in the removal of mental blocks, help you take control of your finances and assist you in communicating effectively. A work-life balance is key and having an unbiased person on your team to listen, discuss with and challenge you is what is going to take you and your business to the next level.