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Illuminate Workshops


The Illuminate workshop is about fostering and creating deeper relationships with the people around you and within yourself to form an amazing environment. Ultimately, the health of the relationships around you begin with the one you have with yourself. Introspection is key, as everything stems from what’s inside you; this is where your intuition and understanding comes from. You will be better able to control your reactions, deal with uncomfortable or trying circumstances and manage conflict head-on.

Leverage your unique strengths, skills, and assets for innovation as an individual, team, or organization. This workshop is designed to help you identify ways to utilize your specific strengths to create new ideas, thoughts and initiatives through a series of activities. By diving deeper into your abilities, this workshop will help you reach higher rates of success. You may even find these newfound approaches to be more fun as they directly engage more of you at your best.





Transform negative thoughts

• Questionnaires and journaling

• Goal setting

• Group discussion

• Self-discovery

• One-on-one coaching

• Learn how to tune into intuition


 *Snacks and drinks provided*

When you want something,
all the universe conspires in
helping you to achieve it.
— Paulo, Coelho